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“Woah! Toothless, what’s wrong?” The nightfury had suddenly lost balance in the sky and dropped several yards before righting himself. Now, Hiccup noticed, he still shook as he flew. “What’s wrong, Toothless?”
In response, the aged dragon began to manically cough up phlegm. Hiccup patted Toothless’s head. “Aim for that cliff, Toothless. You need a break.” Still coughing and becoming more shaky by the second, Toothless landed on the high cliff not too far away from Berk, where they’d started. Hiccup dismounted and walked around to Toothless’s head.
He didn’t look good. Even though they’d landed, Toothless’s body still shook and the coughing fit hadn’t subsided. Hiccup knelt and rubbed him behind the ear. He smiled at Toothless, but inside he was biting his lips and worrying. For months now Toothless had been shedding scales. He’d been getting more sickly all the time. And he was the only nightfury the Vikings had ever found. Who knew… Who knew how long a nightfury’s lifespan was?
“You’re going to be ok Toothless,” Hiccup said. Even as he said it, he knew it was a lie. Toothless just stared at him with sad, knowing eyes. He knew what was happening. At this point the great Viking chief was fighting tears. “You’ll be ok. Toothless, you’ll be fine.” He was denying the obvious now, and they both knew it.
Toothless’s eyes were were large, but tired. They were knowing, but also trusting. Hiccup gave a small, cynical chuckle as he remembered how exactly like these Toothless’s eyes had been that day they became friends. The best day of his life. Of their lives.
His time had come, and they both knew it. Toothless would not be returning to Berk. Hiccup bent his head to stare at the grass and closed his eyes. He turned away and stretched out his palm, just like he had on that first day. A moment later Toothless’s nose lay nuzzled in it.
They stayed silent and motionless for a few seconds, and then Hiccup whispered one word. Out of all he wanted to say before his best friend left forever, all he could manage was one word. “Goodbye.” Not a moment after he said it, Toothless’s nose slipped from his palm and landed with a gentle thud on the grass. Gone.
Hiccup squeezed his eyes closed to keep the tears from coming. He dropped his arm and forced himself to look back. Toothless had died with his eyes closed, and even in death he looked content. Hiccup gave Toothless one final scratch behind the ear before walking alone back to Berk.
The villagers saw him walk all through the town and to his house at the top of the hill. No one approached him, but he heard them whispering softly to each other. They saw what, or rather who, was missing. Astrid stood in the doorway, and when she saw Hiccup, she rose a hand to her mouth, shut her eyes, and wept silently. Hiccup put his arms around her and together they walked inside. Even their children knew enough to run away to their rooms and stay quiet.
After a long afternoon, Hiccup organized a grave to be dug by the hidden lake, where that friendship had first begun. When Toothless’s body had been lowered into the hole, Hiccup stood in front of it and gave his last testimony.
“Toothless. He was, as far as we know, the only nightfury ever to grace our skies. We used to think of him as the unholy offspring of lightening and death itself, but we could not have been more wrong. Toothless was the most lively, joyful, perfect friend anyone could ever ask for. I am credited with being the first Viking to befriend a dragon, but that’s only half true. I was the first Viking to befriend a dragon, but Toothless was the first dragon to befriend a Viking. I refused to kill him, but after I freed him and he could have killed me, he refused to do so. He deserves as much, or more, credit and fame than I do. Toothless was—is—the best friend I have ever known, and one of the best things in my life.” With that, he knelt down and placed Toothless’s red tail extension into the grave with him.
One by one, each Viking silently shoveled dirt on top of Toothless, hiding him from view forever. Hiccup looked on, completely devoid of any emotion, as Astrid clung to him, choking back sobs. And one by one, all the other Vikings left. Hiccup had quickly carved a headstone that afternoon, and he drove it into its place now. Together, Astrid and Hiccup left.
But that night, after Astrid had fallen asleep, Hiccup quietly left his home and traveled alone to the grave. He knelt before it and stared at the inscription.

Here lies Toothless the Nightfury, may he rest in peace.

“I’ll see you again soon bud. Don’t have too much fun before I get there.”

Hiccup stared at the inscription, and pounded his right fist on the ground. He lowered his head, and the legendary Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, chief of the Hairy Hooligan tribe and first tamer of dragons, cried.
At dawn, he heard a light ruffling of grass and even lighter footfalls. He noticed, but didn’t acknowledge, his wife as she knelt beside him and placed a small heap of Dragon Nip by the headstone. Astrid placed an arm around him, and didn’t say anything. There was nothing to be said.
But then Hiccup said something. His voice was thick from crying and it came out in a quiet rasp, but he muttered, “By Odin, I swear I will never fly again.”
And he never did.


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11 responses to “Goodbye

  1. Emily

    December 2, 2013 at 11:14 pm

    I actually love that you didn’t end it happily. Sometimes real life hurts, and what makes fanfics good is if they seem real. I actually wanted to cry here :_) Keep going girl!

    • Rierierose

      December 2, 2013 at 5:40 pm

      Thank you so much for liking it! You’re right; sometimes real life ends in sadness. But I promise that I do know how to write happy endings too. 😉 I write a balance of each.

  2. KhanlockedAngela

    December 8, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    Wow this is really good!:D Love it but it made me sad.:(

    • Rierierose

      December 8, 2013 at 7:01 pm

      Aw, thanks. I’m glad it made you sad. I love hearing that. >:-P No but really, thanks for liking it.

      • KhanlockedAngela

        December 9, 2013 at 10:50 am

        🙂 No problem you’re a really good writer.:) And yes,making people feel sad always leaves a sense of accomplishment XD

  3. The Duck Knight

    July 13, 2014 at 6:39 pm

    This is amazing. Saw thiss on Pinterest and then had to find the original. :’) Perhaps the best HTTYD 2 fanfiction I have ever read. Awesome job!!

    • Rierierose

      July 19, 2014 at 7:13 am

      Oh my gosh, thank you! I actually wrote this way before HTTYD 2, but hey, everything still works out the way I originally wrote it. 🙂 I’m glad you reviewed, and took the time to look the story up after seeing it on Pinterest.

  4. BeatrizMuiosMendes

    November 24, 2016 at 3:33 pm

    Omfg! I’m crying my head off, literally😭💔 This kind of stories are so good but at the same time so sad that sometimes they make me depressed😍💔 But if Toothless died, I know Hiccup would go everyday to his grave, talking to him, telling him how his days had been going😍 I know he would and Toothless would be watching and guiding Hiccup from above☝

    • Consideritalljoy

      November 24, 2016 at 10:48 pm

      Thank you so much! This blog has been dormant for a while now, but I’m glad you were able to find this.

  5. fyrandthegryffinclaw

    March 29, 2018 at 7:17 pm

    I just read this on pinterest and it led me to your blog, and I LOVE IT. I’ve only read a few things so far, but they’re all amazing. This fic is such a tear-jerker, and I found myself gasping and covering my mouth and shaking my head and looking away but then looking back because I couldn’t just stop reading.

    It’s great to find a role model online who not only shares my fandom interests but also my religious beliefs. I’m about four years younger than you, I think. I just turned 16, and I’m really starting to get into my word and study what I believe, because like you, I was born and raised in a Christian household too. You say a lot that God has great timing, and I think that’s what he did with me finding you today.

    Idk if you’re still active on this site, or if you’ll even get this message, but I want to leave saying this: I respect you so much and you’re an incredible human being. God has blessed you with gifts of compassion, love, and eloquent words, and it’s beautiful to see how he’s shaped your life (in the few posts I’ve read, haha). I hope you have a wonderful day, evening, morning, night, whatever, and never stop believing in your self.

    less than three,

    • Consideritalljoy

      May 26, 2018 at 2:58 pm

      Hi Fyr,

      This blog has been inactive for quite a while now, and I never thought I’d get another comment on it—much less such a thoughtful one. You really traced this fic back from Pinterest? When I wrote it, I had no idea people would enjoy it this far into the future.

      I’m turning 20 in a few months, so yeah, about 4 years. Even though I’m not publishing on this blog anymore, I hope you continue to enjoy the content on here. I have no plans to deactivate the site or anything. I do write on AO3 a bit these days, though it’s mostly niche Star Wars stuff, at least for now. My username over there is consideritalljoy if you end up wanting to check it out.

      Since running this blog, I’ve grown a ton both as a writer and as a Christian, and it means so much to me that you found something here that encouraged you. I definitely believe that God has great timing—there were times I doubted that, but He’s still never failed. Never limit God; I think that’s my biggest takeaway. Every time I’ve limited my expectations or my beliefs, He has exceeded them, sometimes even in ways I didn’t want.

      I’m saying prayers for you as I write this and I hope you have an excellent time, both on this blog and in your whole life. Thank you for this comment and the time I can see you put into it. I appreciate it a lot.

      In fandom and in Christ,
      Marie ❤


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