The Adventures of Little Hiccup: Chapter Four

23 Jan
The Adventures of Little Hiccup: Chapter Four

The next morning Hiccup woke up early. After checking to make sure that the dragon was still dead, he shoved it into a small sack he took from the front room and tied it at the top. Next he got his fishing pole and set the bag by it so that he wouldn’t forget to take it with him. By that time, Mom and Dad were awake.
“Hiccup, love, I have something to tell you,” said Valhallarama as she sat on the couch and motioned that Hiccup should come sit on her lap. Hiccup complied, and Val continued. “Mommy’s leaving on another trip today, love. It won’t be a long one though. Only a few months.”
Hiccup nodded solemnly. He knew that this was coming. Mom always left on trips places. “Ok. Just come home safe, ok?”
Val smiled at him and held him close to her heart. “I promise,” she said. Not too long after Stoick and Hiccup waved goodbye to her from the docks, and once again Val’s ship got smaller and smaller as it sailed away. She’d only just left, but Hiccup was already missing her.
“Alright, son. Ready for our Thursday fishing trip?” asked Stoick. He lead Hiccup back home gently, knowing how Val’s leaving always bothered him.
“I guess,” mumbled Hiccup in return. Normally Stoick would have required a little more gusto, but this time he just patted Hiccup on the back a bit and sent him to get his fishing pole.
As Hiccup picked up his pole, his eye caught the little cloth sack lying next to it. The dragon! He’d completely forgotten! Hiccup scooped that up as well and tried to hide it close to his body. Walking back to Stoick and then out the door, Hiccup successfully smuggled the toy all the way into the boat, where he hastily shoved it under one of the benches.
“Do you have your pole all ready, Hic?” asked Stoick.
“Well…” Hiccup started to confess. The bait still wouldn’t go on the hook right.
Lucky for him, Stoick remembered just in time. “Oh, the bait, eh? Give that here.” After only a second of expertly slipping the slimy work through the hook, Stoick gave the pole back to Hiccup. “There you go. Now let me see you toss that line out!”
Hiccup gave it his all, and watched eagerly as the line fell into the water at least a shield’s breadth further than last week. He beamed back up at Stoick proudly. “Look!”
“That’s great, lad!” encouraged his father. “Now you’ve just got to sit nice and quiet and wait for a biter.” And so Hiccup and Stoick sat silently together for what felt like hours. No matter how much he wanted to be rid of that dragon, Hiccup knew he had to wait to catch a fish first. Otherwise Dad would see. And so he waited. And waited. And waited. And-
“I got one!” he shouted! Hiccup jumped up and started tugging at his pole excitedly.
“Have you? Well would you look at that, Hiccup!” Stoick took the pole by one hand on top of Hiccup’s own two small ones and gave a slight tug. Out of the water flew a small trout. Not too very big of course, but a real fish! And one that Hiccup had caught himself! How that was a rare occasion indeed. “A real beauty,” commented Stoick.
Hiccup could barely hear Stoick’s praise over the sound of his own chanting, “I caught one! I caught one!” In his excitement he nearly forgot all about the dragon, but luckily he remembered just in time. Right as Stoick turned away to continue fishing, Hiccup grabbed the bag from under his bench and tossed it out to sea, as far off as he could throw.
Hiccup settled back down to fish some more in peace. That nasty dragon was finally gone. He and Stoick spent the whole rest of the afternoon out there, and after they brought in the boat but before they went home, they made a fire and toasted all the fish they’d caught. Hiccup got to eat his first fish, and the dragon was gone!
As Hiccup drifted off to sleep that night, he went over the day. Too bad Mom couldn’t have been here, he thought. If Mom had been here, this day would have been perfect.

A/N – I’m really sorry about how short this chapter is, but I swear I just have not had any time to write this week. I’ll see what I can do for the next and final chapter, the Adventures of Hiccup: Chapter Five!

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