To Bake a Blue Cake: Part One

13 Mar
To Bake a Blue Cake: Part One

Percy paced in his room anxiously, buried in a mess of tangled thoughts. It’d been a month since the Battle of Olympus, and he and Annabeth were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Percy felt he should be doing something. Should he be doing something? What should he do? He didn’t know how to be a boyfriend! What are boyfriends supposed to do?
Standing in front of the giant Poseidon statue in his room, Percy continued to think out loud. “Well? What do you think, Dad?” The statue didn’t move. Apparently Poseidon had better things to do that day. “All right, all right. I need some serious help here.” But who to ask? He needed somebody on the inside. He needed a girl.
But Annabeth was the only girl he could ask about stuff like this. And it’s not like he could ask her. Percy snapped his fingers. He knew where to go.
Lacy. An Aphrodite girl, Lacy would know exactly what to do in this type of situation. And, unlike most Aphrodite girls (in Percy’s opinion at least), Lacy was a regular person. Not like—here Percy shivered—the new cabin leader, Drew. He’d have to steer clear of Drew while talking to Lacy.
The next morning, after breakfast and cabin inspection, Percy hid behind a tree near where he knew Lacy would be coming. As she came around he called to her. “Pss, Lacy, c’mere! It’s Percy, Percy Jackson?”
After looking around a bit Lacy stepped closer. “Of course I know who you are, silly. You saved the world and got a girlfriend all in one go! You’re all they’re talking about in the Aphrodite cabin. What I don’t know is, why are you talking to me?”
“Well, that’s just it. I got a girlfriend, and, well, I’m just not very good at this. What do boyfriends do? Do they do anything? C’mon, Lacy, you’re an Aphrodite girl! You’ve gotta know something! Help me out here!” Percy tried to keep his pitch down so that he wouldn’t attract attention, but the desperation in his voice was clear.
Lacy glanced around nervously but all the while smirked mischievously.
“What?” Percy asked. “What is it?”
Here Lacy blushed loudly. “You! You and Annabeth are my OTP, and now I actually get to help you out! But Drew can’t see us. I’d get in SO much trouble, you just have no idea.” Percy hadn’t a clue what the heck an “OTP” was, but he could only assume it was good. Probably some sort of Aphrodite code thing. But she was willing to help! That was a start.
“Oh, well, ok then. I don’t need to keep you for long. Just, what should I do?”
“Well, normally I’d say flowers, but flowers just don’t seem good enough for this particular ship. Do you have any special moments with her? You must have had some kind of a romantic scene already.” And how in Hades did boats work into any of this? Percy decided to just ignore it.
“Um, well, we did have the one underwater kiss, and-” He stopped halfway through when Lacy started jumping up and down.
“An underwater kiss? Oh, that’s so great! Ship, ship, ship! Ok, ok, I’m good now. Moving forward.”
“Um, and right before that she gave me a blue cupcake that she and Tyson had made. You know, for my birthday.”
Lacy snapped her fingers. “There you go! You need to bake Annabeth a blue cake to return the favor. Oh, it’ll be so romantic! And of course you have to be alone when you show it to her, and then you can offer to reenact the underwater kiss. That should do it.” Lacy looked to her left and right again and sheepishly waved. “I’d love to help, but Drew would just KILL me if she found out I talked to you. Good luck!”
As she quickly fled the scene, Percy waved. “Thanks!” he whispered loudly. Now to bake that cake. And apparently he needed to be alone when he showed it to her, which meant that she couldn’t know until he’d finished. Which meant he’d need somebody to distract her. Which meant…

Return next Thursday for To Bake a Blue Cake: Part Two!


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6 responses to “To Bake a Blue Cake: Part One

  1. KhanlockedAngela

    March 14, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    I have a question; On your blog you have pages. I have no idea how to make a page and add things to it and it appear on my Home page… help? :/

    • Rierierose

      March 14, 2014 at 6:57 pm

      Oh, ok, well, do you mean the Categories or the “*Le About, *Le Me” stuff?

      • KhanlockedAngela

        March 14, 2014 at 7:02 pm

        Oh wait sorry I got it now. XD I had to change the theme (lol now we’re twinsies on our themes sorry) but now I have it where I want. X3 Thank you though. =)

  2. Rierierose

    March 14, 2014 at 7:04 pm

    Haha, whatever. I really like the Choco theme; it’s easy to navigate, fairly customizable, and pretty cute design-wise. All leathery and stuff.

  3. prajinator

    March 18, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    I started the PJ books a few months ago, but the library was out of the second part of the series? I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I love it! Would you mind giving me a list of the order of the books? Thanks!
    Oh, and I had another question. Do you take submissions? I wrote a fanfiction recently but I don’t have anywhere to publish it. If you take them, where should I send it so that you can review it first?
    Thank you so much! 😛

    • Rierierose

      March 18, 2014 at 8:34 pm

      Oh, sure! The Heroes of Olympus series is a five book series… but only four of the books are out right now. In order, they are; The Lost Hero, the Son of Neptune, the Mark of Athena, and the House of Hades. Set to release sometime in October is the Blood of Olympus.

      Hey, you know, I have never considered taking submissions, but, the more I think about it, the more that sounds really cool. So sure, I’ll make a new section for submissions and put yours up if you want. 🙂 That is, if you’re sure you don’t want to post it onto Marchaelary that is.
      As for getting it to me… I know it’s not very professional, but how about you copy/paste the whole think onto a comment here? Then I could copy it myself and delete your comment. I’ll give you full credit and link you to any site you wish. That sound good to you?


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