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22 Mar

Submission by Prajina, who can be found on Pinterest, and on her own blog, Marchaelary .

The light glared through the window. Anna squinted and closed the blinds. She wondered why it was so sunny today. The week had been a gloomy one, full of rain and overhead clouds.
“Never mind,” she thought, and went back to preparing breakfast for Kristoff and her. Today she was excited. And it was not because of pancakes.
“Kristoff?” she quietly called through the hallway. “Kristoff? Breakfast is ready! Hurry up, or you’re going to be late!”
“Late for what?” he grunted, obviously still half-asleep in the room.
Oh. Anna realized that today was Saturday. Oops. But she was excited, and she was so full of energy, she was about to burst. “Well, Kristoff, just hurry up, okay? The pancakes are going to get cold and I know you hate that.” She smiled and then frowned. Kristoff really was particular about his pancakes.
Finally Kristoff appeared in the kitchen doorway, leaning his heavy back against the frame. He grunted. He saw the pancakes on a plate and sat down at the kitchen table. He poured blueberry syrup, Arendelle’s specialty, onto them and started eating.
Within two minutes he had finished a whole stack without a word. The large man grunted, and started to get up.
“Can I-I tell you something Kristoff?” Anna said, first a bit nervously, then a bit more assertively. He grunted again. When would she tell him to stop with the grunting?
But she realized. She realized that you can’t just tell someone something like this out of the blue! It has to be planned; you have to set the mood. She turned off the stove and sat next to Kristoff.
Leaning her head against Kristoff’s shoulder, she nervously toyed with her hair. That was one thing she knew that Kristoff found cute. And if she knew that, she would do it. “Kristoff?”
This time he didn’t grunt. Success! Instead, he motioned for her to continue. Anna would have preferred him to have said something, anything, but that was too much to ask this morning.
“Well, I want to tell you something.”
“You said that already.” His first words this morning.
“I-I think I’m, I mean, I know I’m,”
He cocked his head and raised an eyebrow.
She sighed. Might as well put it plainly.
“Kristoff, I’m pregnant!” she squealed. There. She said it. Now the reaction.
Kristoff’s eyes widened. He had finally woken up. He smiled, scooping Anna up and spinning her around. Just like that day Arendelle unfroze.
“Be careful Kristoff!” Anna whispered, motioning towards her belly.
He sheepishly put her down. “Sorry.”
“But, are you serious?” he whispered, after putting Anna down.
Anna nodded, for once, speechless.

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