If Things Had Been Different: Part Two

10 Apr
If Things Had Been Different: Part Two

“Your Excellency? Lady Padme?” crooned a droid above her. Padme didn’t open her eyes immediately, but instead felt the ground beneath her. It was soft. A bed. But, what had happened? She was on Mustafar, and Obi Wan had turned on them, and- Obi Wan. He’d used a Jedi trick to put her to sleep while he attempted to murder Anakin. But how had she gotten here?
“Where am I?” she asked the droid without moving or opening her eyes.
“You are on Coruscant, in the finest medical facility the planet has to offer. I have been asked to assure you that your husband will be here as soon as possible. When you are fully functional again you will be informed of all that has happened.”
Padme managed a slight nod and slowly tested each muscle. Falling on the metal hadn’t been easy on her, especially considering her pregnancy. Eventually she opened her eyes and deemed herself fit enough to sit up.
White. The room she was in was completely white. The sheets, the walls, the tables, the droids. All a stark, clinical white that was almost blinding. As soon as her eyes had adjusted she noticed something else. Something far more important.
She was no longer pregnant. “The baby!” Padme desperately pleaded to the droid.
“Babies,” it corrected. “While you were yet unconscious you gave birth to twins, one male and one female.”
She’d slept through labor? Padme could barely take it all in. Twins? She’d been carrying not one, but two babies? And she’d delivered them at only seven months! The events of Mustafar must have triggered the process early.
“I want to see them,” she ordered. The droid silently went off to obey, and Padme took a second to orient herself. According to the droid, Anakin would be here soon. She had two children, one boy and one girl. And the Republic was no more.
In its place ruled the old chancellor, the new Emporer Palpatine. But that was just the temporary solution. In no time at all Anakin would be strong enough to overthrow him, and then he and Padme could start creating the galaxy as they wished it to be. As they wished it to be for their children.
Only minutes later the droid came back with a small bundle of white sheets in each arm, one of which was placed in Padme’s waiting arms.
“That is the boy. He was born first of the two,” said the droid.
“I want him to be called Luke,” whispered Padme. She stroked little Luke’s tiny cheek with all the tenderness of a new mother. “And the other?”
The droid took Luke from her and placed the second bundle in her arms. “A girl, born only minutes after the boy, who has been designated Luke,” informed the droid.
“A girl. Leia,” said Padme. “Luke and Leia Skywalker.” Padme leaned back on her hospital be and closed her eyes. Her children, Luke and Leia Skywalker. Padme had still doubted whether she and Anakin were doing the right thing, but in that moment, looking into the faces of her gorgeous children, she knew that she would do whatever it took to keep them safe. No matter the cost.
“Where is Anakin?” Padme asked, hoping he was on his way. He hadn’t even seen Luke and Leia yet!
“I am afraid that is just it, my lady. I am not the right droid to tell you of these things. I will get your protocol droid so that he may inform you of all that has happened.” Padme nodded her assent, and the medical droid left the room again to fetch 3PO. Why did things have to be explained to her? Where was Anakin? Padme tried very hard not to worry. Nothing had happened. Everything was fine.
C-3PO came in alone and walked to the side of Padme’s bed. “Mistress Padme, so good to see you functional again!”
“Yes, 3PO, but where is Anakin?”
“He, well he…” 3PO faltered.
“Tell me: Where is my husband?” asked Padme again.
“While fighting the Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi on the planet Mustafar, it appears Lord Vader was wounded quite badly and had no choice but to undergo multiple surgeries to sustain him,” 3PO confessed.
C-3PO was known to over dramatize things. She couldn’t panic yet. “‘Multiple surgeries?’ What kind of surgeries? What have they done to him? What did Obi Wan do to him?”
“I’m very sorry, Mistress Padme, I don’t know all of the details, but it seems that during the battle Lord Vader’s arms and legs were severly burned and he had to be put in a life support suit in order to remain alive.”
Padme squeezed her eyes shut and held Leia more tightly against her chest. Severly burned? Life support suit? Padme’s skin grew hot and clammy and her heartbeat raced. At least he’s alive, she reminded herself. No matter what Obi Wan did to him, Anakin is still alive. And in the end, that was all Padme cared about.
“Where is Lord Vader now?”
“His operations were completed at exactly the time you awoke, and he will be here shortly,” assured 3PO. Padme forced herself to rest easy. The galaxy was almost under her control and she was the mother of twins. There was much to be thankful for.
Down the hall a strange noise sounded, almost like that of heavy breathing. Padme kept her eyes closed but listened more closely to a sound like none other she’d heard before. It kept getting closer. Breathing in, breathing out. Breathing in, breathing out. The pattern kept on until the growth of the sound stopped just outside her hospital room door. The door opened and the sound became more prominent.
No… It couldn’t be… Padme forced her eyes opened and prepared herself for anything.
But she did not prepare enough for that.
Standing before her was a huge, imposing black suit of armor that covered the entire body from the top of his head to the bottom of his foot. Not one trace of Anakin Skywalker was left, and Darth Vader had come to take his place. “Anie?” asked Padme softly.
The black, cloaked figure knelt down and nodded In a deep, robotic, alien voice he said, “Yes, Padme. It is I.”
Padme didn’t know how to react. Her body was sending her all different signals. Should she cry? Should she panic? Should she fall unconscious again? In the end Padme opted for none of those. Instead she simple touched a hand to her husband’s cold, metal helmet and smiled as warmly as she could. “You’re alive,” she said.
Anakin grasped Padme’s hand in his heavily gloved black one. “I’m sorry, Padme. I’m sorry I couldn’t win that fight. I’m sorry Kenobi had a chance to force you asleep. I’m sorry I have to wear this shroud forever, just to keep me alive. I’m sorry… about everything.”
“Don’t be, my love. I couldn’t care less what you look like, as long as you are mine and we are together. We have done what we must to protect our children. Children, not child, Anie. I was carrying twins.”
Even through the mask Padme could see the surprise. “Twins?” he whispered loudly through the suit.
Padme nodded and gestured to Luke, asleep in his crib. “Luke, the elder, and Leia. Luke and Leia Skywalker.” She lifted the blanket off of Leia to give Anakin a better look at his daughter.
“They’re beautiful,” he said. “But how can we give them a future now? As I am, I cannot hope to defeat Darth Sidious.”
Padme thought a few seconds before answering. “Don’t lose hope, love. Our children will be strong in the Force, that is certain. You will train them in secret. And then, when they at last are strong enough, the three of you combined will be enough to eliminate Emperor Palpatine from the equation. All will be right in the end. There is always hope.”


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3 responses to “If Things Had Been Different: Part Two

  1. theseshipswontsink

    April 10, 2014 at 7:01 am

    This was reallllllllly great!!! I was always so upset by the movie ending, thank you so much for this alternate ending! I am always anticipating Thursday’s so I can read your work! Keep up the great work!!!!!

    • Rierierose

      April 10, 2014 at 7:13 pm

      Hehehe, thank you so much! I never really liked the scene on Mustafar, and while I am fine with Padme staying true to the Republic and turning against Anakin, I really feel that the dialogue and her reasons weren’t all there, really. So I made this new version. I’m glad you liked it. 🙂


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