The Last

01 May
The Last

“Midna, honey, take the pumpkin soup out of the fire, will you?” called Ilia from the top tier of the treehouse.
“Alright, Mother!” shouted eleven year old Midna back. As Midna set the soup on the counter she thought she heard a grunt from upstairs. “Mother?”
“I’m all right,” assured Ilia. Midna wasn’t convinced.
Heading upstairs, she found her mother sitting on the ground and in obvious pain. “Mother?”
“Midna, I am fine. Please go get your father,” requested Ilia.
Midna however was reluctant to leave her mother alone. As she spent just a second debating, Ilia grunted slightly again, which in turn forced Midna’s decision. Father being here was more important than Mother being left alone for a minute or two.
As she turned to head back downstairs, little Shad poked his head over the wood flooring. “is Mama ok?”
“Yes, darling, Mama is fine. Midna is going to go get Papa. Why don’t you find Zellie for me? Tell her to look after Colin for a while, alright?” As Shad went off to obey Midna flew down each ladder and across each floor, and even jumped the last climb. She knew what was happening. The baby was coming.
“Father! Father!” she yelled from across the fields as she ran to him.
Link looked up as she came and stopped his hoeing for a minute. “Midna? Is something wrong?”
“Mother told me to get you. I think she’s having the baby!” reported Midna. She hadn’t even finished the last sentence before Link had dropped his tools and was running back to the house.
“Midna, go get Aunt Uli!” ordered Link as he ascended the ladders at two rungs a step.
Nodding her head, Midna ran back out the house, across the fields, into Ordon village, and to Uli’s house where she banged as hard as her small hands would allow on the door. “Aunt Uli! It’s Mother! She’s having her baby!” shouted Midna from the door.
When Uli opened it, she already held a bag with a few supplies. “Let’s go,” she said. “We have enough time to walk.” Despite Midna’s better judgment, she and Uli walked all the way back to the treehouse, where there was already chaos going on. Shad and Orielle were running around in a panic and knocking into each other Zellie and Daphnes were squabbling as usual, and Colin was left alone to start trying to touch the still-hot pumpkin soup.
Midna ran to Colin and picked him up before he could burn himself. “I’ve got this. Mother might need you already!” Midna urged. Uli nodded and began to climb.
Alone with her five younger siblings, Midna centered herself in the room with Colin on her hip. “Everyone!” she shouted. All four children stared at her. “Orielle and Shad, calm down. There is no need to make a fuss. Zellie and Daphnes, this behavior is frankly beneath you. If you can’t stop your fighting then I suggest Zellie goes and starts the darning and Daphnes does his arithmetic. Understood?”
Zellie and Daphnes both solemnly nodded and got to work, and Orielle and Shad started working on the jigsaw puzzle they’d been working on for days. As Midna sat down on the coushioned bench with Colin still on her lap, she noticed Link standing on the level above her in the shadows. “Father?”
“I heard you just now. You did well,” he said as he climbed down and sat next to Midna.
“Thanks, but why are you here?”
“Your mother and Aunt Uli kicked me out,” he confessed.
Midna giggled. “That’s too bad. Do you think the baby will be a boy or a girl?”
“It’s hard to say beforehand. Shad and Colin were both boys, so this one might be a girl. Or it might not. I guess we’ll know in a few hours,” Link said with a concerned sigh.
A few hours later, Uli came down the ladder grinning. “It’s all over, Link. You have a fourth son.”
Link immediately stood. “I’ll be right up!” Looking down at Midna and taking Colin from her, he continued. “Colin can sit right here for a while. Why don’t you come with me.”
Midna nodded, and together she and her father climbed the ladders to the top tier, where Ilia sat in bed with a wrapped bundle in her arms.
“It’s a boy,” said Ilia.
“I know!” exclaimed Link. He kneeled next to Ilia and gently took the baby from her. “Midna, sit down so I can hand him to you.” Midna silently sat down criss-cross on the floor and allowed the baby to be placed in her lap. For a good long while she didn’t say anything simply because of how surreal it all seemed. Another brother, born only minutes ago, lying in her arms.
“What are you going to call him?” asked Midna.
Link took the baby back and cradled him. “That’s a good question. Ilia?”
“You know as well as I do that this is our last one, which means you have to let me choose. You chose the first baby’s name,” she said, nodding to Midna, “so it’s only fitting that I get to name the last.”
“That sounds fair,” agreed Link.
“Ok. I want our little boy to be named Link.” Midna smiled. That sounded good to her.
“No!” Link immediately protested. “I’ll let you choose, but we are not naming a baby after me! We never named one after you.”
“Well now I didn’t save all of Hyrule and beyond, did I?” Ilia retorted.
“You may as well have,” Link argued back. Midna tried not to chuckle as she witnessed her parents attempting to have an argument and still saying mushy things like that in the middle of it.
“Fine. If you won’t let me name our son after you, then we’ll name him after your favorite fictional character. A good role model for any young boy.” Um, Father’s favorite fictional character is from that “Legend of Zelda” book. And his name is Link.
“But his name is Link too!” Link protested again. This time Midna did chuckle lightly.
“I know. And Link is his name,” Ilia stated in a tone that defied being argued, the tone she used when Midna was in trouble.
Still sitting criss-cross on the floor, Midna silently rose a hand to her mouth to stifle her giggle at seeing Father quite obviously beaten.
He only sighed. “Fine, you beat me. Link it is.”


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