Kingdom Come, Chapter One

22 Jun
Kingdom Come, Chapter One

This Norse Myth/Marvel/Star Trek Into Darkness AU crossover was created and co-written by HikikomoriTale, aka Kendra N., and Angela Watts. Kendra can be found at

Khan bolted across the covered bridge, over the creek, and on down the stone path towards the stables.

“LOKI!” He called, breathing hard.

He ran into the stables, looking around wildly for any sign of the king. He checked each stall, running a hand over each horse’s nose as he passed.  Sigyn’s black mare with white mane and tail, Nightkill, Khan’s own coal black stallion, and the other horses he didn’t know as well. Neither Snow or Sleipnir were in their stables. Khan heaved in a great breath, vaulting over the fence and into the pasture. He knew exactly where Loki would be if not the stables.

Khan finally reached the gigantic apple tree that sat upon the top of the hill, its leaves swaying in the summer breeze, apples glinting red and gold.  He panted heavily, putting his hands on his knees, bangs falling over his face. Loki stared down at him from the branches, munching an apple. The unusual eight-legged horse, Sleipnir, trotted up to Khan and dropped an apple on his head. Khan shooed the horse away.

“Loki! It’s the girls.” He panted, still out of breath.

Loki dropped from his perch and onto the ground, his greasy black hair tucked behind his ears.
“What about them? Is something wrong?” He said, patting Sleipnir’s back.

“They’re gone, Loki!” Khan hissed, standing up straight.

“What?” Loki said, face blank. “Gone? What happened?!”

“I went to take Angela home, but when I got there, the place was a mess! Picnic basket and blankets strewn all over, marks in the ground, branches torn from trees! Blood, little drops everywhere, blue blood, cold blood.” Khan said heavily, sweat pouring down his face.

Loki’s face went white. He stood glued to the spot, mouth gaping. The half-eaten apple slipped from his hand and hit the ground, Sleipnir gobbling it up the moment he saw it.
“Kidnapped?” His words rang hollow, face blank.

“Yes, Loki. They’re gone.” Khan sighed, frowning.
For a moment he thought Loki was going to throw up he looked so pale.

He swayed on the spot, before snapping back into focus and swinging himself up onto Sleipnir.
“Get on!” Loki snapped, eyes flashing furiously.

Khan did so and clambered up onto the stallion’s bare back.
Loki shouted, grabbing hold of Sleipnir’s black mane.
Khan grabbed onto Loki as eight legs sprang into action. He had never ridden on this horse before, let alone bareback. It was amazingly smooth as Sleipnir raced along. It reminded him of cheetahs, fast and springy. Loki leaned low against his horse’s neck, teeth clenched, all the rage in his heart screaming to get out. Khan’s heart had jumped into his throat.

They thundered towards the fence, easily jumping it, continuing on over the bridge. They took the lower path that led away from the castle and villages, and went down towards a smaller bridge that arched over the creek. Sleipnir leaped over it all together, landing with a thud on the other side. Loki kicked his steed in the sides, urging him to go faster. Sleipnir snorted, but galloped harder. They soon reached a small cove nestled in the side of a hill, a forest atop it. There stood several shady apple trees beside the water’s edge, swaying in the breeze.

Loki swung off Sleipnir’s back and ran towards the water, Khan following. Bits of blanket lay here and there, what was once a picnic basket floated on the water, its contents scattered about. The tree closest to the water was mutilated, branches ripped from it and crushed apples around its trunk. The air was silent, no sounds of birdsong or the chomping of horse’s teeth. Loki dropped to the ground, pressing his fingers into a pool of blue. He rubbed the substance between them, face sullen and determined.

“Frost giants… In Asgard?” Loki growled, jumping up and pacing the water’s edge. “When I find the portal they have come through, I swear I will slaughter them all,” he hissed, fists clenched.

“I would love nothing more than to do the same, but we have to find them first. We must get Angela and Sigyn back before we do anything else,” Khan said firmly, looking over the scene.

“Of course we must find them. It is likely the giants have taken them back to Jotunheim. I know of many portals there, including the Bifrost, but there is only one that can be traversed on foot.”

Khan nodded curtly, a glint of gold catching his eye. He reached down and picked it up, a thin golden headband with shiny wings sticking out on either side.
“Sigyn’s tiara,” he said, holding it out to Loki.

Loki snatched it from him, his expression of utmost hatred and fury. He threw himself onto Sleipnir, who was eating more apples, and took hold of his mane.
“Come on. We can’t find them if we’re not equipped to do so.”

Khan climbed up, careful not to get caught in one of four back legs of Sleipnir’s white body. They launched into a gallop, back towards the castle. Underneath all the fury and hatred Loki felt, he was terrified. He couldn’t bear to think of his beloved Sigyn hurt, or worse. He knew Khan felt equally scared, but perhaps not as angry. They would return to the castle and get all they needed for a long and dangerous journey, for Loki knew that was in store for them if they ever hoped to reunite with their lovers.


The rocking motion woke her, and the sounds of a horse in pain. Sigyn opened her eyes, mind blank. Her vision blurred, she could see nothing but dark trees, a sense of foreboding in the air. She lifted her head to see Angela, cream cloak laced up, hood down. Auburn locks falling around her shoulders, a scratch over her cheek and one on her lip. Other than that, she was perfectly fine, bound to her limping horse by rope. Sigyn, on the other hand, was slung over a huge shoulder, and her mind suddenly snapped awake.

Frost giants had kidnapped Angela and her, and she had the horrible feeling she knew why. She knew not to bother with screaming and flailing about, as that was both foolish and potentially lethal in the monster’s hands. Angela coughed to announce her desire for attention.

“I would appreciate it if you put my friend on my horse with me.” Angela said, glaring at one of four frost giants.

He turned his ugly blue head, twisted dull spikes jutting out around his jawline.
“Ye want yer elvish friend ridin’ on yer whimpering horse with ye?” He said, voice stupid and thuggish.

“Why yes I do.” Angela said, scooting forwards.

“Have er’ then.”

The frost giant stopped and dropped Sigyn onto the mare, glowering at them before yanking on the rope, tugging them along. Snow, the mare, whinnied painfully as she was forced to carry two passengers.

“You alright?” Angela asked, turning to look at Sigyn.

“Fine.” She sighed.

Sigyn’s black cloak had a tear near the bottom where a frost giant ripped her from a tree. Her bow was long gone, lost in the fight. Captured by these oafs and bound with ropes, she had a burning desire to free herself and Angela. But logic and the stupidity of frost giants told her it would be best to wait. Her only hope now was that Loki had found out and was on his way, fighting for her.


It was the dawn after Sigyn had been taken from him. Loki and Khan rode their horses, Sleipnir and Nightkill, laden with satchels of food and weapons. They reached the first foot-portal to Alfheim, which looked like an ordinary cave inhabited by cobwebs.

“We will come out at the entrance to a forest,” Loki said. “And we will have to go straight through it. The next foot-portal isn’t for miles.”

“Where exactly are we going? I thought you said the giants were in Jotunheim.” Khan frowned, patting Nightkill’s head.

“Oh, they will be. But since they can only travel on foot, they will have to travel through two realms to get there.” Loki replied coolly.

“Why not take the Bifrost and beat them back?”

“Because frost giants are idiotic brutes who will kill us on sight unless we’re careful.”

Khan frowned, nudging Nightkill towards the cave.

“I’m right behind you.” Loki said. “I promise you that they will pay dearly for what they took.” He added darkly.

The two stallions, their rider’s minds set, stepped into the shadows of the cave, all light and sound dying away like the summer breeze. Their long and dangerous journey to rescue beloved Sigyn and lovely Angela began, neither knowing if they would succeed, but determined to do so, even if it meant their death.

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