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The Twilight Princess: That Which Comes After

The Twilight Princess: That Which Comes After

“Link… I…” I can’t say it. I’ll break right in front of them. I’m not as strong as I thought I was. “See you later.” A single tear falls, and I use my magic to push it away. It flies to the center of the mirror and comes to rest in the heart of the Triforce.
I turn back to Link one last time. He is frozen to the spot, but it doesn’t look like he’s quite grasped what’s going on yet. My wolf isn’t always the brightest bulb on the tree. Turning to Princess Zelda, I can see that she knows. I can see it in her eyes.
The mirror takes hold of me and I begin to float as it begins to shatter. As the black particles envelope me, Link finally realizes what’s happening. I stare at him as his lips part in disbelief. I can just see the words catch in his throat. I smile at him as I leave and reappear alone in the middle of my throne room.
I smiled to show him that I am happy with the way things have turned out. To show him he doesn’t have to mourn for me. But I’m not happy. I used him. I knew only he could help me, so I used him. A simple teenager who should have lived a simple, happy life. I hang my head and two more tears appear, one in each eye.
“I’m sorry,” I whisper. “Link, I’m sorry. So, so sorry!” I shout, thrusting my face up as if speaking directly to him, although of course I’m only speaking to air. My voice echoes against the walls. I’ll never see him again. I’ll never be able to tell him just how sorry I am that I ripped his innocence away from him at so young an age.
“Princess?” asks a guard as he sticks his head in from the entrance. “Do you require assistance?”
He acts as though nothing has happened. They must not remember. That is just as well; I wouldn’t want them to remember what has happened. But there is one thing my people will never forget. “I am fine. Summon a scribe.”
Not long after, the scribe is seated at a desk in my throne room with paper and ink in front of him. “You will write as I dictate,” I command. He nods and I close my eyes to start. What to title this?
I smile. I know what to name this. Link poured so many hours into that book. He loved it so. “Title this ‘The Legend of Zelda.’ Now for the first paragraph.” How to begin? After only a second, I know this too. “This is the story of the blue-eyed beast who once saved the universe from destruction. This is the story of Princess Zelda, ruler of a prosperous land unfathomably far from here. This is the story of Link, chosen hero of the goddesses and ranch hand of Ordon village. It goes like this.”

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Panicked shouts rang throughout Castletown. Orielle woke with a start next to her husband, who immediately got out of bed. He ran to change, and when he returned his wife was standing beside the bed, already dressed herself.
“Dalton?” she asked. “What’s happening?”
“I don’t know yet, love,” he replied. “But I’m about to find out.” Dalton kissed his wife’s forehead and ran out the door. As he slammed the door behind him a baby began to cry. Orielle leaned down and picked up her son from his crib.
“Hush now, Link. It’ll be ok. Daddy will set it right.” She gently rocked him in her arms and didn’t let her voice falter for a moment. But the whole time, she was staring out the window and into the chaos outside. When would Dalton return?
Her soothing croons to Link suddenly stopped. She let out a small, terrified gasp and her eyes bored holes through the window. There was no mistaking the papery green skin of a moblin. She watched as fiery arrows rained down onto thatched roofs and set fire to the whole town. Soon the streets were illuminated by the blaze.
Realization struck her. The house she currently stood in was made of wood. Holding Link with one arm, Orielle grabbed her cloak, which she threw hastily about her shoulders, and a small satchel of baby supplies and rupees. “Come on, Link. We’re leaving.” Orielle flung the back door open and leapt onto Nellie, their mare. She kicked Nellie hard and galloped away.
Dalton was the chief of Hyrule’s guards. During an attack like this, he’d obviously be in the most central place. Orielle rode to the town square. She arrived just in time.
Dalton swung his sword at the beast, but he ducked out of the way. The brute lifted his club, but Dalton was too fast. He dodged the blow and parried, causing the club to go flying off and away from the battle. He’d won. But that was before the others.
Suddenly Dalton was surrounded. Six moblins, all wielding clubs in their grimy paws. Orielle’s heart skipped a beat. They both knew this was hopeless. But she would not let him die without telling him she loved him one last time.
“Dalton!” she shouted at the top of her lungs. Even at the top of her voice, she couldn’t be heard above the battle. “Dalton!” This time Dalton heard her, and risked one fleeting glance at his wife. “I love you!” Her voice caught at the end and stuck in her throat, but Dalton got the message.
The moblins attacked, and Dalton bravely defended himself, but it was plain that it would not last long. Dalton glanced back to Orielle one more time. “Take him! And go!” Orielle nodded thought her tears. She forced Nellie to turn around and started for Castletown’s back gate. Just as she left, she heard one last thing.
“Remember, I love-” The voice was cut off by a strangled cry. It did not return. Orielle’s vision was completely clouded by smoke and tears and she could not see the path. But a desperate mother is not to be underestimated. She kicked Nellie all the harder. Link was at this point crying loudly, but Orielle couldn’t stop to sooth him. When they were far from danger, she could finally look back to the bonfire that was Castletown. She couldn’t hold the gaze for long.
She turned her eyes back to the now sleeping child in her arms. “Remember your father, Link. He was a hero.”


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