Happy Thanksgiving!

27 Nov

Hey, everyone! 🙂

So firstly, since it’s Thanksgiving, I decided not to post my regularly scheduled fanfiction. It’ll be up next week, and then from there I’ll be switching which Thursday I alternate on. So one fanfic next week, then a two week break, then a fic, and so on.

Now that that’s over… Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I was thinking about talking about how privileged we Internet-loving first world citizens are, but that sounded way mainstream. So instead of that, I’m going to talk about…

Turkey. Let’s be honest, turkey is great. And stuffing, that’s also good. Let’s just all be thankful for potatoes. That’s right. PO-TA-TOES.

“But Marie, you’re Christian! You have to talk about spiritual stuff on a religious holiday such as Thanksgiving! How dare you be so shallow as to talk about turkey?!”

Well. I am thanking God. For a lot of things. Turkey included. …and all the people I’m eating that turkey with, of course. And all of you, who I am sure are all eating turkey with your own various family members.

So, happy Thanksgiving, everyone. May today and the rest of your year be blessed. ❤

With love in fandom and in Christ,

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