The Demigods and the Blue Box Part Seven

29 Jan
The Demigods and the Blue Box Part Seven

“Then it looks like you two are coming along for the ride,” Annabeth told the two brothers. “Now let’s build us a miniturization ray.”
“Good,” the Doctor said. “You lead the way.”
Annabeth took the lead and walked in long strides directly away from the massed demigods and partway into the woods. “There’s a special lock on it that they think will keep out the other campers. Apparently they’ve never heard of Tetris.” Annabeth tinkered with the lock for just a few seconds before the door swung open and the four were allowed inside.
“Oh, yes!” the Doctor said, clapping his hands together. “Now this I can work with!”
The interior walls were made from bronze, although from the outside the exterior had been built to blend into the forest better. Every wall was lined with shelves and shelves of various tools and pieces of metal, and evidently the shelves hadn’t been enough as there were tools littering the floor, as well. Blueprints for inventions were scattered on tables and quite a few were in crumpled up balls by each corner of the room.
Seth and Aaron glanced at each other through the corners of their eyes. “Don’t even think about it,” Annabeth warned, squinting slightly at them. Both boys sheepishly grinned in response. “We don’t have much time. Doctor, what do you need?”
“I’ll need those sheets of bronze and that box of screws, that motor over there, a coil of wire, that old-timey telephone-”
“It’s an iPhone 6!” Aaron protested.
“Exactly like I said, old-timey,” the Doctor replied absentmindedly. “While you collected those I can use these things over here to construct a few amateur photon defluxers-”
“Amatuer? Aren’t you supposed to be some kind of professional?” asked Seth.
The Doctor rolled his eyes. “Let’s see you build a couple of photon defluxers out of nothing but a few pieces of 21st century scrap metal.”
Seth rose his hands in mock surrender. “Ok, ok, whatever you say.”
“Good! Now get that stuff together. And Annabeth, this is where you come in, the object itself is going to be about a meter high and a third a meter around, like a kind of cylinder. Figure out a way to transport that and aim it.”
Annabeth grunted. “Shouldn’t be a problem.” Actually she wasn’t sure exactly how she was supposed to devise a means of transportation for a device she didn’t even think existed much less seen, but she wouldn’t say so to any of these people. She’d come through. Annabeth looked all around her, and all set to work.
The clock ticked steadily. Each resounding [tick] pounded harder than the last on Annabeth’s temple. 1381 seconds had passed, exactly. 23 minutes. And they had only been given 43 to stop the dinosaur. They were running out of time.
Annabeth continued to try different styles of transport, hastily glancing to the Doctor now and again to see exactly what she was trying to do. The fragile nature of the ray made normal braces impossible, but without it, the device would fall and break. It was too heavy to simply be lifted and dragging it would scratch it too badly.
Sweat gathered at the nape of Annabeth’s neck and she inattentively tied it back into a ponytail with a blue hair band she kept in her pocket. The bronze walls gave the Toolbox a steampunk feel, but they didn’t help release heat. Four people actively working under pressure inside of it were already causing a light layer of mist to appear. Annabeth shuddered to think of what the Toolbox was like chock-full of Hephestus kids.
10 minutes left until they needed to be using this thing. Subtracting 5 minutes for running across the camp, that left 5 for building. Annabeth was pretty sure she’d come up with a decent form of transport. Now she needed to build it. “Doctor, how are you doing?”
“The photon defluxers are done. Working on the final product now. You?”
“I think I’ve figured out how to do it. I just need to put it together.”
“Great! This’ll work out.”
For all of their sakes, Annabeth hoped it would.

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