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The Demigods and the Blue Box Part Eight

“Great! This’ll work out.”
For all of their sakes, Annabeth hoped it would.
Mighty Hephestus, Annabeth prayed a few seconds later with her jaw clenched and her eyes fixed on the tools she was working with, help me build this thing right. She was a child of Athena, darn it, not a child of Hephestus. Her job was to DESIGN these things, not to BUILD them. Technically speaking, of course, Annabeth knew how to screw in a bolt. But practically speaking? It was harder than it looked. Everything was.
“Seth, the wheels in that box, I need them,” Annabeth grunted. Until the wheels were attached, the cylinder that made up the bulk of the product was unwieldy and hard to hold on to. Annabeth found herself sticking a bunch of screws between her lips so that both hands would be free to hold the pieces of metal together.
Seth brought them over. “Don’t suppose you’d want any help with that?”
Her mouth full of screws, Annabeth nodded. “Ackua-y, yea, I nee you to hole iss togetah whi’ I attack des weels to i’.”
“Um, what was that again?” Seth asked, raising one eyebrow and leaning slightly forward in a sarcastic manner.
Annabeth rolled her eyes and spat the screws out of her mouth and onto her lap. “I need you to hold this together while I attach these wheels to it.”
“OH,” Seth acted like she’d just translated from Latin. “Of course.” He shot her a sky smile as he took the hollow cylinder contraption she’d fashioned out of her hands and let her rush to screw on the four wheels.
“Are you almost ready, Annabeth?” shouted the Doctor without turning his head from his work.
“Are you?” Annabeth asked him back.
“Just about! Say the word, and we’ll attach the pieces. It’s coming time now, you know.”
“I really hope your device looks the way I assume it must,” Annabeth told him. “And well, it’s really. At least, it’d better be.”
“Excellent. Bring it over, then.”
Annabeth got up off the floor, dusted herself off, and wheeled her metal transport contraption to the Doctor. “Easy now,” he whispered, fitting the device into the glorified wagon. “Did you manage a way to shoot it?”
Annabeth nodded. “You gave me almost nothing to work off of, but I think this should work.” She glanced at the clock. “We have less than one minute left before we need to be running across Camp Half-Blood. Look at it. Will this thing work?”
Anxiously, Annabeth followed the Doctor with her eyes as he bent at the waist to inspect her work. As he straightened, she found herself trying not to hold her breath. “And?”
“And?” the Doctor looked at her. “Annabeth Chase, you are quite obviously a child of Athena. Now let’s go!” With a smile, Annabeth, the Doctor, Aaron, and Seth all pulled the miniturization ray across the many wide, long fields of Camp Half-Blood, dodging trees as they went. Percy had promised to hold off the dinosaur for 43 minutes. They’d get there right on schedule. Annabeth prayed to the gods Percy would still be alive when she got there.

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