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Holiday Spirit

Holiday Spirit

“Hello, Sweetie,” River whispered to herself as the TARDIS materialized in front of her and the door swung open. She stepped inside without a second thought and snapped the doors closed. “Hello, Sweetie,” she repeated, louder this time, and with a wider smile.
“Hello, Doctor Song,” smiled the Doctor back. “How long’s it been since the last time?”
“Oh, just ages and ages. I’d started to think you’d forgotten about me,” River said sarcastically. He had been far from neglectful ever since she’d been put in that prison to begin with. Seeing the Doctor start to frown, she quickly added “Four whole days and no sign of you in sight. Just what do you have to say about that?” She’d wanted to deliver the lines in all seriousness, but as the Doctor recognized the sarcasm and smiled again she couldn’t help breaking her straight face and laughing.
“No, but seriously, River, how long?” he asked again.
“No, seriously, Doctor, four days,” she answered.
The Doctor rose an eyebrow and walked around the consol to be near her. “That’s hardly enough,” he said in a slightly lower voice.
River quickly raised herself to her tip toes and kissed the Doctor before lowering herself again. “It never will be.”
The Doctor chuckled. “That wouldn’t happen to have been poisoned, would it?” River only smiled.
A second later she remembered something odd about the TARDIS. “Where are Amy and Rory?”
“Gone home for the night. Well. More like the week, for them, but, benefits of a time machine.”
“I see. Well. Where exactly are we going this time?” River asked.
“It’s been four days, you say? You poor thing, you, haven’t had contact with anyone but those nasty old guards for four whole days! People. That’s the only solution. Eleven of eleven Doctors will agree.”
“Well,” River rolled her eyes playfully. “If that’s what the Doctor orders.”
“Then let’s be off!” A few quick flipped switches and pressed buttons, a few bumps and a few spins, and the TARDIS jolted to an abrupt halt. Just before the break sounds could go on, again, River covertly turned off the breaks when the Doctor wasn’t looking. He probably noticed them not there, but he did know how much she preferred the breaks left off. “And here we are!”
“Will I need to change?” River asked.
The Doctor squinted at her for a few seconds before finally nodding. “You’ll be fine, but I’d run to get a coat if I were you.”
River nodded and sprinted down the corridors of the TARIDS to her room, where she snatched up the first warm-looking thing that came to hand and sprinted back to the Doctor, putting the coat on along the way. “Will this be enough?” she asked.
“It’ll be perfect. Now let’s go.”
Hand in hand, River and the Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS and into the crowded streets of London. “When are we?”
“December. 2014, if the iPhones are any indication.”
So the Doctor hadn’t known from entering the coordinates in the TARDIS, only from knowing the time period. “…Where did you mean for us to go?”
The Doctor only shrugged. “London, at Christmastime. Didn’t enter in a specific year. But now that we are here, Doctor Song, what would you like to do?”
River looked around for a few seconds at the shining white lights decorating the streets as they contrasted the clear night sky, the wreaths on each door, the pedestrians along the sidewalks struggling to carry all of their bags, no doubt full of Christmas gifts. She sighed lightly of contentment, and thoughts trailed out of her head as she stared out at the picture.
“Are you alright?” The Doctor asked, gripping her hand a tiny bit tighter.
River was brought back to Earth with a start. “What? Yes, yes, I’m fine, of course. What was it you said?”
“I asked you what you wanted to do now that we were here. You do like it, don’t you?”‘
“Of course! Oh, it’s lovely. Walking for a bit sounds nice,” River decided.
“Then so it shall be,” replied the Doctor. Both started out at the same time, hand in hand, and they didn’t stop for a very long time.

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Her Nights

Her Nights

A peculiar sound rang throughout Storm Cage. Shutting her diary, River quickly adjusted her smile and ran a hand through her sloppily tangled curls. She didn’t look her best, but hey, she was in the most high ranked security prison in the universe. And besides that she had makeup and a comb in the TARDIS.
River turned to the sound as the TARDIS materialized right in her cell. The door opened wide and River stepped in. Inside, by the controls, stood her Doctor, in a tuxedo and top hat. River shut the door behind her. “Hello Sweetie.”
“Hello, Doctor Song,” answered the Doctor. The pair faced each other off for a few seconds, but after only a few both River and the Doctor cracked a smile. The Doctor ran down the ramp and only stopped when he was practically on top of her. One finger quickly touched the tip of her nose before dropping to hold her hand. “And what have you been up to recently? Anything exciting? I didn’t think so. So, what d’ya say, you and me, special place, eh?”
“I’d love to, but first things first- Where are we?” River took back her hand to leaf through the pages of her diary. “Have we done Utah?”
“Yes, yes, been there, done that, more than once actually. If you’re wondering about Amy and Rory, they’ve gone home for a bit. Not gone gone, no, just, taking a break.”
“Ah,” sighed River. “That’s where we are. Well, husband, where are we going?” She snapped the book closed with one hand and quickly took the Doctor’s hand again.
“That’s for me to know and you to find out! You’re going to need a nice dress, think classy. I like that midnight blue one with the little sparkles myself. You just go get ready and we’ll be somewhere as fast as I can take us there.”
“Whatever you say, Sweetie.” With that, River quickly left the control room for her own bedroom. Left at the first corridor, right, then right again, then third door on the left. River tried not to skip down the halls and act her age for once, but as she reached the last hall she glanced behind her, and, seeing no one, twirled all the way down to her door. There wasn’t much room for twirling in Storm Cage.
Once inside, River set down her diary and flung open the doors of her closet. Think classy, the Doctor had said. She pulled out the midnight blue one with the sparkles. Yes, that was certainly classy. And it would work well with that diamond necklace the Doctor had bought her “for Christmas,” even though she’d admired it in a shop window in July and they’d immediatly gone back to the TARDIS only to go straight back on December 25th. But that was just a coincidence.
Roughly thirty minutes later River was dressed and had perfect makeup. The only thing lacking was her hair. As River stood in front of her mirror she sighed deeply and gave her mess of frizzy curls a frustrated ruffle. They just wouldn’t cooperate with her today. “If you’re going to be curly, the least you could do is be curly!” she told them.
The Doctor’s voice echoed down the hall. “Honey? I know we can get there whenever we want to get there, but I’d like to get there soon!”
“In a minute, dear,” she called back with another light sigh. At that the Doctor entered immediatly, already looking concerned.
“Are you alright?” he asked. When River turned, he smiled. “You look beautiful, Doctor Song.”
“No I don’t!” replied River. She threw up her hands and grabbed a fistful of curls in each one. “Look at this hair!”
The Doctor gently brought them back down again. “Did I ever tell you that I’m the Bushaan galaxy’s most widely celebrated cosmetologist?”
“No, I don’t think you’ve ever mentioned it.”
“Well, I am.” He quickly bounced a finger on her nose and twirled her around. “So, Doctor Song, if you’d be so kind as to just sit in that chair there,” he pointed, “I’ll be right back with my special reserve hair spray.” Reluctantly, but with a smirk, River sat on the appointed chair and waited for the Doctor’s return. When he did, he promptly got to work. “I’m thinking simple. Maybe a little bit pulled back, but mostly down.”
“Whatever you say, Sweetie,” River answered. Ten minutes later her hair was perfect. Her curls were ringlets and pulled back just enough that it tamed the rest. She spun away from the mirror and to the Doctor, who was happily smirking from the back of the room. “However did you do it?”
“Magic,” answered the Doctor. “Now!” he said, clapping his hands together and taking one of River’s. “Let’s go somewhere!” With that, he ran out of the room without letting go of River’s hand, and the two of them went running through the corridors in a tuxedo and evening gown.
When they arrived at the control room, the Doctor made River cover her eyes and promise not to peek so that she couldn’t see the view screen. “Keep your eyes closed and take my hand,” he said. River complied and allowed the Doctor to lead her down the ramp and out the door to whatever planet they were on. “Ok, and, open ’em!”
River’s eyes fluttered open and she smiled contentedly. “England, at the turn of the century.” She squeezed the Doctor’s hand a bit. “I hear music. We’re at a ball. Oh Doctor, I just love it.”
“Well I’m glad you like it, because it was supposed to be London in 2005 so that your nice dress would be in fashion. Oh well! This’ll be good too. We’ll get a few stares, yes, but in that dress you’ll be getting stares no matter where we go.”
“Doctor, I love you,” said River as she turned to face him fully.
“And I you, Doctor Song,” he answered. Slowly he placed her hand on his waist. “May I have this dance?”
Alone in the hall, the Doctor and River waltzed all around the room, forgetting everything else. Where they were, when they were, and everything else simply wasn’t important just then. In that moment, time stood still, and when they resurfaced, at least an hour had passed.
“Shall we head in?” asked River.
“Just so!” replied the Doctor. He took her hand and walked as fast as he could without running, dragging River behind him. As they entered River took in the surrounding scenery with a contented “ah” in her throat. Without noticing it, she held onto the Doctor’s hand just a touch tighter.
Ignoring the stares from people around them, mainly caused by the slit on the right side of River’s evening gown, River and the Doctor danced till the night was completely spent. As they both stood on the sidelines watching the other couples, the Doctor suddenly stared at River for several seconds before taking her hand and rushing her away into the TARDIS.
River chose to ignore the Doctor’s strange behavior and chalked it up to his forgetting how late it had gotten. “Well, I guess it’s back to Storm Cage with me, eh?”
To her surprise, the Doctor shook his head. “You, back to Storm Cage so soon? No, of course not! What sort of a date would that be? No, we’re going to London, but later on in the time stream. Your dress will be fashionable and just you never mind about the rest.”
Smiling broadly, River leaned against one of the rails in the TARDIS consol room while the Doctor whizzed around the controls. As they landed and the breaks had once again been left on, she rolled her eyes in mock exasperation. It was hard not to love the Doctor’s strange obsession with that awful noise.
“And here we are!” announced the Doctor, parking the TARDIS and almost skipping to the doors, grabbing River’s hand in the process. He led her out the doors and into another large ballroom, the main difference being the early 2000’s look this one had. River looked to her smiling Doctor and couldn’t help but smile herself at his obvious pleasure.
“What sort of a Time Lord would I be if a night out meant just eight actual hours out? We’ve got all the time in the universe, Doctor Song, just you and me.”
“I wouldn’t want it any other way, Sweetie,” River said, squeezing the Doctor’s hand. Together they walked into the room, and spent the second eight hour half of the night by each other’s side, until neither one could hardly stand.
“I love you, Doctor Song.”
“And I you, Sweetie.”

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Everything Is Going To Be Okay

Everything Is Going To Be Okay

Everything was falling apart again.

You didn’t know what to do. You were at the end of your rope. You’d escaped into the TARDIS thinking that maybe somehow just being there could make things better. But it wasn’t working.

Alone in the console room of the TARDIS, standing just in front of the closed doors, back to the world and front to your one hope, you finally broke down. You weren’t being watched or judged by anyone. You could finally let the days and weeks of pent-up hurt to run free. And you cried.

Clutching the railing to keep from falling, you stood there as tears rolled down your face and every second of the past few days played through your mind, the emotions spilling out of you in a flood and all control relinquished.

Here you could be yourself. Here you were safe.

But maybe the TARDIS couldn’t do that for you anymore. Maybe you’d finally reached that point in life where the TARIDS couldn’t help you. Maybe your problems were so big and so insurmountable that not even that blue box could fix it.

You thought you were alone, but suddenly he was standing in front of you. The Doctor. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I’m so, so sorry.”

“I know,” you said, choking on your words. “You can’t help me this time.”

The Doctor took you by the shoulders and gripped you tightly. “What d’ya mean, I can’t help this time? You don’t need my help, you never have. You are magnificent, you are. You’re brilliant. You only need me to remind you of it every once in a while.” Your tears slowly stopped and your hiccups went away. “Everything is going to be okay,” the Doctor said.

And somehow, you knew it would.


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