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The Demigods and the Blue Box Part Nine

They’d get there right on schedule. Annabeth prayed to the gods Percy would still be alive when she got there.
As the four started to run into the mass of demigods, they slowed. Annabeth cringed as she noted the fallen pines, and groaned when she saw that one of then had even fallen on the Artemis cabin. Luckily that cabin was only used when the Huntresses came visiting, but Artemis would not be pleased. A thunderous roar sounded from the pines, not at all far away, and when Annabeth looked she could see the behemoth and the trail of carnage in its wake.
“This doesn’t look very good,” Seth moaned. Aaron sucked in his breath sharply and nodded in agreement.
“Percy?” Annabeth shouted. “Percy!” No answer.
“I’m sure he’s right at the front, holding it off. He won’t be able to hear you now, but just wait, that’s right where we’re going too!” the Doctor consoled.
Annabeth smiled a bit to show gratitude. “I hope so. And we do need to blast that thing. Now.”
Seth and Aaron whispered to each other next to Annabeth. “What are you two muttering about?” she asked suspiciously.
“We were just thinking,” started Aaron.
“This is a miniturization ray,” said Seth.
“Yes. Good job keeping up,” Annabeth replied with scrunched eyebrows.
“It’s not a disappearing ray. It want be gone, it’ll just be smaller,” Aaron explained.
“How small, and what do we do with the mini version?” finished Seth.
Annabeth’s eyebrows shot up. She hadn’t thought of that. How small WOULD it be? And what WOULD they do with it? But, this had never been her plan. It was the Doctor’s plan. Annabeth looked to him. “Well? What’s the answer?”
“It’ll be about the size of a miniature poodle,” the Doctor informed her.
More roaring. Everyone winced as the sound came crashing on their ears. It was closer. They had moments before they needed to be in action again, and that was pushing it. “Seth, find some way to contain it and meet us there. Aaron, stay with the Doctor and me. We need to move. Now.”
Seth nodded and ran off, and Aaron opened his hands palms facing up to Annabeth. “Tell me what to do.”
“What’s the range on this, Doctor?” Annabeth asked.
“A few meters.”
“Then both of you, push.” Annabeth gripped one hand on the device and started moving as quickly as she could in the direction of the roars. The Doctor and Aaron pushed from the other side. After not too long, they picked up speed, and as they came upon the mass of demigods, Annabeth’s frantic cries of “move!” coupled with the strange device she was obviously pushing through to the front was enough to make everyone move for her.
They were past the defense line. Annabeth could see the whole scene now. A rope was tied around the dinosaur’s legs, tangling it up and forcing it to move more slowly. The ropes looked like they were about to break. Annabeth smiled. It wasn’t much, but Percy had bought them just enough time. “Percy!” she shouted again.
“Annabeth!” Percy shouted back. “You better have that thing ready to go, because this was the last idea I had!”
“Just in time!” Annabeth said, hurredly adjusting her targeting mechanism. “Doctor, you do the honors.”
The Doctor flipped a switch on the small control panel and pressed both of the two buttons. In a flash he had his sonic screwdriver out and added that to the mix. “Got it!” he yelled, right as a bright green beam of light emanated from the targeting mechanism Annabeth had designed and flooded the dinosaur and a loud, high-pitched buzz echoed in their ears.
For a second, nothing happened. Percy found his way to Annabeth and took her hand. Annabeth hardly noticed. She just held her breath, hoping against hope this crazy plan would work. “Is it working?” she asked the Doctor.
“Give it time,” he said. The dinosaur seemed to be stuck in the light, which was already a good thing. And, was it just Annabeth’s eyes, or was it- It was! It was getting smaller! Without thinking, she gripped Percy’s hand more tightly.
“Guys! I got it! I found a leash and collar!” Seth yelled out as he ran up, panting. “Did it wo- It did!”
There was the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, trapped in green light, the size of a toy poodle, roaring softly with all of the air it could hold inside of it. The ray had worked, thank the gods. Or, more accurately, Annabeth reminded herself, thanks to the Doctor.


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